Sunday, June 23, 2024

Who sleeps well, and who eats well?

“What will I get once I do it? What is my allowance if I work extra? What is my benefit of doing it? “

Give it to me; I’ll complete it.”, ” it’s 8 Pm, but this is important to complete the task; I’ll finish it now”, “this is not really my task, but I need to do it for everyone’s benefit,” “take this gift from me on your birthday!”

Have you read the above two paragraphs and thought about what I’m trying to say here?

Well, I’m going to explain. First, check what is your attitude in general from the above two paragraphs?

The first paragraph shows the attitude of takers, and the second one shows the attitude of givers.

Takers are the ones who are always in search of benefits from everywhere, everything, and everyone, and givers are always in service where they can reduce pain from others.

There’s a saying in English,

“There are two types of people in the world, one who are takers and the other who are givers. Takers eat well, but givers sleep well.”

We should strive to be givers for the world. We belong to a world where small acts of gratitude can change someone’s life. Our small efforts may reduce someone else’s great efforts. We may be able to bring a smile to some faces.

We owe a lot to others and from society. We need to find ways to return it to society. If someone does something for you, you always remember that act and always keep an attitude of gratitude.

So, try to be a giver for society.

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