Why perseverance is more important than intelligence

“Intelligence has limitations, but you know perseverance is more important in the long run.” My senior said.

“What do you mean? Intelligence will not matter?” I asked

“No, I mean perseverance will keep you going through tough situations, while intelligence alone may not be sufficient to go through!” he said further.

One fine day, my senior and I discussed the most crucial part of our lives we encounter most of the time. Since childhood, we have been listening to the thoughts of people around us, majorly focusing on how intelligent someone is. People around us have been judged on intelligence for so many years of childhood. We were taught to be brilliant all our life. Still, hardly our schools or colleges or even our parents gave importance to one quality, perseverance in life.

We all know what intelligence is, what is perseverance, and why does it matter?

Perseverance is the capacity to continue making an effort despite obstacles, difficulties, or challenges coming in a way. Perseverance is sticking to your goals no matter what the situation around is. It is the determination to achieve our goal with dedication and discipline.

The history of successful people points to this part of their life. They always tried to overcome all the hardship and continued to walk on the path of their success no matter what the situation was.

But then why is intelligence less important, as my senior pointed out?

Intelligence may not be sufficient when it comes to handling adverse situations. Intelligent people may not necessarily keep faith in their journey. Intelligence plays a significant role when it comes to managing tasks with agility, learning something in less time, or understanding complex situations. But since childhood, some people may not been taught about perseverance. So, people who are intelligent but not persevering may not taste real success. But what if people are persevering but not “so intelligent” as per the world’s definition?

Well, persevering people keep faith in their goals. It may take time for them to understand things or learn new skills. But the attitude of keeping up takes them towards the path of success. Persevering people handle stressful situations and hardships in an extremely well-mannered way and don’t lose themselves because of difficulties.

Perseverance helps through situations of panic and giving up when the goal is crucial for us. Passion and encouragement are a base of perseverance. But intelligence may not allow this to happen. Intelligence without perseverance will end up in giving up. Being intelligent and persevering is the best part of a human being, and perseverance wins in comparison.

Society must know that intelligence may be respected, but perseverance to be honored as well. Let each of us understand the importance of perseverance and make it the basis of our life. Do what you love and be passionate about it. Make your passion a way to create meaningfulness in society.

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