Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Wisdom of old generations

“I think you’re not right and practical, give me logic to your statement,” my friend said.

My friends and I were discussing staying with our parents after we grew up and became independent. I said I would be happy if I ever found a way to stay with my parents and grandparents for my whole life.

I believe the old generation carries wisdom. They have seen more days as compared to us. Their knowledge, experiences, and suggestions are like a treasure for us.

Today, we people think our old generations won’t understand the problems we are going through.

Like many times we do disagree with our parents and end up having misunderstandings. But you know what, practically problems may have changed from generation to generation, but solutions to those problems did not change.

Solutions come from experiences, suggestions, and guidance from old generations. They have been through very rough times during their own time, and they know how to solve everything with love and care. Their capability helps us to grow and provide an umbrella to our rainy days.

Trust me,  we all need them, even if we think we are capable of handling everything. Their presence in our life makes a  difference. They’re valuable to us. They help us to stand differently in the world.

All I would say is to love your parents, love your grandparents, respect them.

Learn and explore this life with their help. You’ll find yourself guarded and nurtured with love all the time.

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