Thursday, October 5, 2023

Amit Malewar

Amit Malewar


  • Founder and CEO of Tech Explorist, one of the global leaders in providing the news of scientific research and discoveries.
  • Founder and CEO of Inceptive Mind, a platform for global innovators to gain inspiration.
  • Perceiver of a sustainable society.

Hello, I am Amit, and I welcome you all to my personal blog. I am sharing little insight about my journey from a common tech loving guy to a foremost professional science blogger in India (SNAXZER, Tech Explorist - Impresario of Science, Inceptive Mind - innovation à la carte) and a simple observer of society. I have my presence on social sites:

It all started when I was in the 12th standard and was given an opportunity to present my science project in the program AISTA organized at my school then. I was amused to see very few participants and science enthusiasts attending for such an exciting program. I realized the need for a technology-related blog, and that's the birth story of my first blog in 2008, SNAXZER.

Till 2010, I used to share technology related news on my blog. In 2010, when I was pursuing engineering and was in search of research-based project topics. I noticed that there was no or insufficient information available related to recent innovations in the field of science and technology. Here, I perceived the requirement of a research-based website.

Since SNAXZER was already there to provide tech-related news, I wanted my new website to be more inclusive for the purpose of sharing research-based information. Our college projects have the structure of abstract, details about projects, and references for our projects. It's the same structure I am maintaining for Tech Explorist.

Tech explorist is born out of my firm belief that every technical graduate student must know about the latest innovations and researches. Academically, I am a mechanical engineer.

Besides Tech Explorist , I am the founder of the following:

Tech Explorist - Latest Science News
MedClique - To Life a Healthy Future
Inceptive Mind - innovation à la carte
GRADplus Pro
InfoPhilic - Simplifying blogging

Along with my presence in the blogging world and proficiency in tech, I am a silent observer of society and a strong supporter of a sustainable society. I believe in our culture, traditions, and customs. I want to put my simple observations in the form of illustrations and short stories which we all have lived in our life.

I intend to take your attention towards those simple yet unvalued experiences of our life to enrich our lives. This is my veracious attempt to make our society more livable, enjoyable, and solicitous.