Blessings are important

I feel blessed today with the enormous wishes I received on this birthday.

I still remember the way I used to celebrate birthdays in my childhood. Just my few friends, a special treat for that day, and a celebrity feeling all day long. My parents and teachers would be lenient on my mistakes. I think those days were unique.

Today, I may not be considered to have those freebies, but everyone around me makes me feel special. All of you are making an effort to wish me, call me, and meet me during your busy day, and this is undoubtedly a blessed feeling.

I wholeheartedly thank you all for your blessings.

I consider these blessings as a reassuring presence for me in your life. All of you cared about me and made me significant enough for all these wishes.

One should always take time to wish our close & loved ones on their birthdays to show their importance in our life.

Thanks all!!

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