First impression is the last(ing) Impression

“I don’t think we need such people with us anymore,” she said.

It was the first statement made by a barely known person about me in front of a person we know in common. Since the conversation happened right before me, this became my first memory of that person.

Now, days have passed, and years too that I have been knowing that person, talking to the person, still I have observed that I am unable to make a good friend rapport with that person.

Here, I realized the psychology quote we have heard very commonly.

“First impression is the last impression.” is true.

I used to think it doesn’t matter how a person behaves in the first instance. We can’t be judgemental towards anyone. We can always improve our relations with time. I used to think this way until I found the first negative impression of the person in front of me.

I realized that it matters your first impression, and if it is not positive or nice, it takes a lot of time and effort to change it.

We have heard people saying use formal wear at particular meetings, places. We have always been taught to be nice to everyone around us, even if we don’t know anyone. We have been asked to be grateful to the elderly around us.

Many job interviews are not about testing knowledge but checking how you behave in situations. Knowledge can be judged in various ways, but attitude can only be judged through the way you carry yourself in front of others. It matters how you make someone feel about your presence in that particular moment.

The first impression of a person can be judged through body language, appearance, dress, and voice.

We must learn to create an excellent first impression, even if not great. It takes few moments to make it, but it takes longer to change it. An excellent first impression may help you to build great relationships and attract great opportunities.

You may not get a second chance to change your first impression.

So, be nice to everyone around you. Never judge anyone before allowing them to introduce themselves in ways possible to you. Never have other factors such as caste, color, education, other people’s opinions about someone, or any other aspect to judge anyone.

Everyone is unique. Respect everyone. Be good for no reason and encourage more people to do so.

Make a lasting impression that will make others remember you as a good person. You may not know your positive vibes can make someone happy.

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