Sunday, June 23, 2024

Humility: personal value we must hold

“Sir, this is not your work. Give it to me; I’ll do it.” Guard said.

“Why is it not? Let me finish this.” I said.

I had a conversation with my guard another day regarding some work. He thought I must not do it and tell anyone else to do it for me as it is not the work of my standards or position.

We all have seen these kinds of scenarios around us. There are people around us who work for us. Often, we don’t do certain types of work solely because we think it is not the kind of work we should do.

Here, I think humility comes into the picture. We all must understand that we all are the same.

Some people shout at waiters for minor mistakes or argue with service staff for not treating them well. But are we so big as to punish or disrespect other humans?

Everyone deserves to be respected and honored.

We need to understand that we are not better than other people. We all are equal. May it be the waiter, service staff, or anyone else. We must treat everyone around us with humility and try not to hurt any soul.

Humility is the best personal value that one can bear to enrich humanity. Flourish humanity, treat every person around you with humility and see how satisfied you feel.

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