Tuesday, May 28, 2024

In a world, that benefits from your insecurities

“I have started hating my body recently, I have gained weight,” “I won’t eat rice as this is not in my diet plan,” “I am on a diet,” “I have joined Gym and hired a diet coach.” And many more.

Do you hear this kind of statement from people around you? Yes! We all do.

We all have seen people spending money, time, and energy on some particular diet/health/ fitness plans. I’m not against it. But then I think about past generations how they carried out their fitness goals.

When I looked up to my grandfather, who is 84 and still looks fit for his age, I realized he never followed any diet plan. He never joined any particular gym.

What are the reasons behind it?

I found that they never missed their food timings. They never missed a physical exercise routine. They used to walk miles and miles without getting tired. They eat without making any restrictions about weight gain/loss. They never calculated calories and fats in food. They followed a certain lifestyle, which is ideal for us.

Today, we are being told that our traditional food is fatty and green tea is magical medicine. We are being advertised that gym memberships are a must, but nobody talks about healthy morning walks are also beneficial.

All marketing and advertising agencies make us feel bad about ourselves to make their products saleable in the market. They earn from our insecurities. We buy brown rice as low-calorie rice and spend more on that.

I’m not against any fitness regime or trainers or gym, but I’m against the market, which runs on insecurities. The way marketing makes us feel bad about ourselves makes me sad. Many people lose confidence just because of these insecurities. It creates self-doubt, which is harmful to self-love.

All I want to say is that don’t be fooled by all this marketing world. Follow our traditional knowledge, listen to old generations, get healthy in the proper way. Follow a healthy lifestyle and not just a diet plan or regime, which is not sustainable. Ultimately love yourself the way you are, and don’t let the world cash opportunities out of your insecurities.

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