Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Knowing our limitations is necessary!

“Knowing our limitations is probably the most important thing I feel.” My sister said.

“Not only that, but thinking critically on what you can pursue considering those limitations is the best self-knowledge you need to earn in life,” Dad added.

One day, my sister and my dad discussed other career options and how we could pursue what we wanted.

Discussion led to various aspects of skills, knowledge, culture, and especially limitations we can have while working on anything.

This discussion didn’t remain stuck to career, but it opened various other points of view of life.

In today’s scenario, we are influenced by various things we are surrounded by. We Get influenced by whom we spend time with, what we read, watch, study, and many other environmental factors. These factors certainly contribute to our thought process, work, and personal relations.

When we get influenced, we don’t find what is truly in us. We can’t judge what we can do and what we can’t. Because whatever we do under the influence does not give us sustainable growth. Growth will pause as soon as influence gets over.

Considering all these conditions, dad suggested we be indeed in search of our limitations and work on our strengths.

“Doing because the world will recognize you isn’t the right approach, do it because you find it easy to and especially for yourself,” dad said in conversation.

Finding our limitations helps us make long-term decisions and makes them prove sustainable. Even knowing our strengths and working on them may land us in failures or frustrations, but our strength takes us to rise again.

For example, if someone finds his drawing skills aren’t that good but verbal and writing is good, he may understand his limitations and work on his strengths. What if he gets influenced by all the painter’s groups around him? He may be affected by them and work on his limitations of drawings.

Here, his growth may be sustainable or may not be. But if he works with all his strengths, he will undoubtedly be successful and, importantly, happy.

In a world full of information and easy to be influenced by, it is necessary to judge ourselves. One shouldn’t waste time working on something that is his limitations and must continually learn and explore with his strengths.

Once we imbibe this rational thought in people around us, we will find that the future is in the hands of people who know their limitations and work with their strengths for a sustainable society.

आप इसे हिंदी भी पढ़ सकते हैं – हमे हमारी सीमाओं को जानना आवश्यक है!

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