Sunday, June 23, 2024

Let’s have food together

In this lockdown time, all of us had to sit home and had time to spend with family. Many of us realized family is strength and your parents, grandparents are amazing.

The time you spend with them is unforgettable. You might have observed their lifestyle. If not, observe now.

They do follow some good lifestyle choices. Like fixed waking up and sleeping timings, proper and inclusive food habits, being nice to everyone, being forgivable, having faith, and many more.

One best thing I want to mention here about the common dinner or lunch. You might have seen your family waiting for everyone to come to the dining table for lunch or dinner together.

This is one of the best time tasted tradition. One is taught to eat from their plate without any argument and to concentrate on their own food. No use of gadgets, no calls, no disturbances. Having food and being grateful for it.

This tradition makes mind fresh and provides all health benefits from dinner/lunch you take together. It makes us happy and inclusive.

Not only family but also staying away from parents and having dinner or lunch with their roommates or friends do feel the same way.

Togetherness at the time of having food is indeed a great thing.

So, next time try not to eat alone. Find time for lunch/dinner, especially with family members or roommates or friends together.

Make your food time more healthy and happening for you.

In the end it is food we all are living for.

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