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Living with trees

“How many times have I asked you to bring large leaves of Tulsi, you always end up bringing small leaves!” She said

My grandmother used to get angry whenever she found me bringing small Tulsi (Holy basil) leaves to make tea. I used to think that small leaves must be of less use, and that might be the reason behind her anger.

So, one day I asked her, “what is this compulsion about bigger leaves? Even smaller ones are useful.”

Then she explained one of the best teachings. She said it is not that smaller leaves are less useful, but they are yet to grow.

There is scope for them to grow before their life comes to an end and the ones which are already grown up are now going to fall anyway. So, you can gather them and use them while letting smaller ones to enjoy their own remaining life. What a great ideology!

A similar experience is explained in one scene of Ramanand Sagar’s “Uttar Ramayana” series, where Goddess Sita, along with her twins Lav and Kush, was shown collecting dry and waste wood for cooking and other purposes.

Luv somehow leaves his mother and brother from collecting dead Woodstock and found out cutting the live tree.

Goddess Sita found it and scolded Lav for harming the live tree. She said Luv to collect only dead Woodstock, which is available freely.

She asked Luv to make prayer to the tree which he had hurt, thank the tree, and apologize for his deeds. This small scene gives a great thought that even trees have a life like us. They too have emotions, feelings, and they are to be respected.

Our culture, traditions, and customs show us to consider our surrounding environment as part of our daily life and to show respect.

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