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“There’s always a solution for everything. Good things may attract problems from your surroundings, but that doesn’t mean you should stop doing them. Change your time or allow people to understand more positively about our culture. Don’t stop blowing the conch shell. It brings positive vibrations in our surroundings,” Aunty said.

I was tired that day and was invited to one birthday party. I thought it would be like another birthday party, but it was the best get-together I have ever attended to my surprise.

Other attendees and I were sitting and having discussions on various generic topics. Somehow, it went on to our culture’s part. Aunty (my friend’s mother) asked him why he had recently stopped blowing a conch shell, which is considered holy in culture. My friend told her that their surroundings get disturbed because of the sounds.

Then Aunty said the above lines. It suddenly caught my attention, and I realized that she is correct. Our culture imbibed many positive aspects of life that are great for our sane life.

Since childhood, I have been listening to the sound of conch shells in temples and holy places around us.

My grandmother told me that this conch shell is very sacred in our Puranas when I was young. Lord Vishnu holds it. The sound of a conch shell removes impurities, the negativity of surroundings and brings peace at home. Blowing conch shells brings positive vibrations to the body, such as it brings hope, increased willpower, and brings relaxation to the mind. It affects listeners by bringing the mellow sound of a conch shell and giving positive vibes to them.

Much Hindu practice this at home too. Today even science-backed these facts. A conch shell is considered one of the spiritual objects in Hinduism.

From this incident, I realized that our culture has some customs and traditions which we think are outdated, but now they’re coming to us in new wrappings of science-backed facts. Indian traditions bring scientific value to them.

Like Aunty rightly said, we can make people understand the goodness and benefits of our traditions to others.

This incident also made me think about how many such traditions, customs, and activities our ancestors did with scientific backing.

How our culture provides solutions to all our issues and how it makes us walk on paths where we can lead with sustainability.

So many such stories I intend to bring to your attention. Good things from our rich past may bring sustainability and rationality to our future.

आप इसे हिंदी भी पढ़ सकते हैं – शंखनाद

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