Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The broken clock

“Wow, this is an excellent idea to teach how a clock works.” My sister said when I told her to use that unused and stopped clock for teaching her son about how it works.

I was leaving for an office, and while taking a bike out from parking, I saw somebody threw a beautiful clock in the dustbin.

I started thinking, couldn’t we use it in another way? If not entirely, at least some or other parts? Is it wholly useless?

Since childhood, I tried to reuse every single thing in a way or different. Throwing anything away was not my cup of tea. I always used to think, how can I use this useless thing in a useful way to save some money.

Now, even when I started earning money, I couldn’t let go of a plastic bottle. I think of all of its uses/reuses. Here, the main point is not about attachment but the maximum reuse of things.

It will undoubtedly lead to reduce an unnecessary burden on an environment, and we will start living using the things we have rather than buying new each time.

Our culture has always been like this; we were always taught to reuse things as much as we can. May it be books, blank pages of books for rough work, your shirt from being a shirt to cleaning cloth, or an elder sibling’s bicycle.

It isn’t always that we don’t have enough money, but we are also accountable for this nature. We need to learn to be minimalist and sustainable.

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