Sunday, June 23, 2024

Let’s make society beautiful together!

A year ago, I decided to bring a small change in society with skills present with me. We walk in society as a social human being, a being who is able to listen, watch, observe and think. When we watch or listen, we observe many things around us and think about what we can do to make this society beautiful.

With this thinking, was born on 21st July 2020. This year, I tried to convey to you all my perceptions about a rational and sustainable society. I tried to take your attention towards minor yet very important things in our life. I tried to make you all aware of the happiness we miss, which is right there with us.

I’m very much thankful to you all for supporting me and sharing my thoughts about the society we live in. Your suggestions made me grow.

In the upcoming year, I’m planning to widen the scope and reach of with engaging and thoughtful writings. We all together will work towards making this society and our lives enjoyable, livable, and solicitous.

While we complete this year of, I would like to mention that the wisdom of old generations is my favorite writing. Let me know what yours is in the feedback form below.

Thank you all for your support! Let’s keep growing. 

Help me to make this society rational, minimalist, sustainable, and science-oriented with my small attempt.

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