Let’s not avoid it!

“Let’s talk about it. The real issue needs to get attention. If you keep avoiding the situation or person, then my dear, you’re creating stress for yourself”. My dad said.

This conversation led me to think about our fundamental issue: avoiding things, discussions, and situations.

In life, we encounter many people, situations where we have less control over. We justify ourselves to avoid those people, situations.

In some pity fights or misunderstandings, we choose to avoid people. We think avoidance is better, but it is not. Avoidance is just easier.

Facing situations or people seems complicated at present. We convince ourselves that in the future, we will make things right or better. But in this particular way of thinking, we forget that we are creating stress in the present and the future.

There are times when our thinking of making things right in the future might increase the damage that has been caused.

The most important thing I feel is avoidance is the biggest obstacle in the way of success.

We avoid people, situations, and conversations thinking that it won’t affect us much.

We want to start something only after assuring ourselves with favorable outcomes. We talk only when we think we will get desired conversations. In other situations, we avoid stepping up.

Our justification for avoiding situations, people, and conversations stops our growth in the present and increases stress in the present and the future.

What if you don’t avoid conversation after a pitiful misunderstanding?

You’ll save your present as well as future time. You’ll keep your energy. In an otherwise situation, both parties might spend time under stress.

What if you start something you like after avoiding fear of uncertainty?

You’ll find yourself walking on the desired path of your goal well in time.

Doing right at first instance gives you favorable outcomes. Keeping avoidance out of the way, we will find ourselves working naturally better for our present and future without stress.

Let’s start talking about real issues, working on fundamental issues, and most importantly, stop avoiding anything. The actual outcome of avoidance is nothing but temporarily passing the time. You need to resolve issues without avoiding them.

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