Minimalism: way to sustainable life!

“Hey, how’re these shoes for me?” My brother asked me while surfing on Amazon.

“You already have one pair. Why do you need this now? They’re in good condition.” I told him.

This conversation led me to think about minimalism. In my previous article, The broken clock, I had mentioned being minimalist.

In today’s capitalist and marketing world, we all are exposed to the idea of needing something rather than actually needing that thing. The world is so fast that fashion changes now and then. Technology changes, ideas changes, food changes.

Earlier it used to happen that households had 3-4 seasons to buy things. Like in the rainy season, buy a raincoat; in winter, buy winter clothing, get some cotton clothing in summer. But now? It doesn’t depend on the season; instead, we buy as and when we find advertisements or when we see someone wearing it, and we like it. But we don’t evaluate, do we need it?

We have bags of clothes, dozens of foot wares but how many can be used at a single moment? Buying 2-3 houses just because we can afford, but in how many do we really stay?

We all must understand the fact that our buying and consumption of unnecessary things are actually affecting prices. We are somewhere responsible for raising the demands of all those essential items and making them unaffordable to needy people.

Minimalism doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy anything or make yourself isolated and outdated from world trends. But it means to be more responsible for what we buy. The choice of buying or consumption must be more about usage than about affordability. I can afford it doesn’t mean I should buy it.

If I have one mobile handset and it is working fine, I must think about why I need to buy another, as it will create another purchase to increase the value of that utility.

Nothing is more responsible than occupying at least as much as you can.

We will leave all our possessions here after leaving the planet, so why not make this life more responsible, accountable, and affordable.

We all together can make a difference in this demanding world by following this minimalism. Be responsible for your choices. Help this world to be livable for everyone.

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