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Right or wrong?

“Just because the court agrees that someone is not a criminal due to lack of evidence doesn’t make that criminal a right person. Similarly, if someone is guilty with fabricated evidence, don’t make him wrong,” My mother said.

“Right or wrong are perspectives when we are looking at some situations. Your right and my right may differ. So, it doesn’t matter much. Doing good is the only thing,” My father said.

“But then, what defines right or wrong?” I asked.

“Your values, ethics, and morals will define what’s right and wrong for you,” father answered.

Another day, when I was confused about how right and wrong are defined, and as usual, I asked my mother and father to tell me some words of wisdom.

This discussion opened a new sky for me.

I was inquisitive about why cheating in exams was easy for some people. But this discussion made me think, and it answered my many questions.

Passing the exam was the right thing for them, but how? Doesn’t matter. Similarly, earning money becomes important for people; how? doesn’t matter.

Some people die but don’t leave the values and morals of their lives. At the same time, some people would not remain faithful to their duties, people.

Now, like me, you must also be thinking of what these – values, ethics, and morals are? Few English words- do they define what’s right and wrong for me? If yes, then how?

By definition, values are desirable qualities for goodness; morals are a respectful set of values, and ethics are morals in action. Is it a bit difficult?

Okay, as my father said in the discussion, everyone has a set of values defined in their day-to-day life. Like, I will follow love and gratitude in my life. No matter what, I’ll not leave these values. Values define us.

Morals are a set of values that lead to the correct or right thing. Like, I’ll follow charity to show my kindness as my charity is right and a good thing for me.

Well, ethics. Ethics are simply morals in action. Like, say, I’ll follow kindness even if it harms me. I’ll be ethical even if I’m in danger.

Well, is it going bookish? Wait.

Sometimes, bookish terms help us. I narrated because I wanted you to think with me.

Now, when we are a person who follows values, morals, and ethics, that defines our perspectives of good and bad, right and wrong.

So, basically, it isn’t about right or wrong; it is all about perspectives.

When we are stuck with “I’m right,” we actually have no way to understand others’ values or ethics. We limit our perspectives, and we limit our knowledge.

So, what will help us? Our attitude of accepting different views, respecting diverse perspectives, and acknowledging our need to gather knowledge.

Suppose you and I are walking on the road. I’m in a hurry, and you’re a bit relaxed. We both follow the exact value of helping others. Now, I’m a doctor, and my patient is urgently waiting at the hospital, and you’re also a doctor but do not have anything urgent. We saw one accident and a patient needing urgent help. I will ask you to attend, and I’ll leave. Now, you may think I’m wrong here. Right? Maybe or maybe not. Your perspective.

But will my actions define right or wrong? If you know everything about me, you must be saying I’m right, but if not, you’d be considering me wrong.

Isn’t it amazing that just perspectives change our thinking?

Well, that’s what I wish to convey to you.

You and I aren’t always right or consistently wrong. But our attempt to make this society beautiful makes us right. Our understanding of each other makes us right. Not allowing others’ perspectives will make us wrong.

So, people out there, it’s nothing about right or wrong. It’s about walking for the betterment and doing good always.

Let me know your perspectives, and help me build sustainable thinking minds.

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