Sunday, June 23, 2024

Take Nothing for granted!

Occasionally I sit back and think about a few things. It occurs to me this time to think of one central question. Why do we ignore the good around us until it’s gone? Why do we forget to embrace what we have?

I realized it is because we take things for granted. We think this is what it is, and this is how it should happen. When a situation is expected, we generally forget who keeps that situation regular. We observe it when it does not happen the way it happens regularly.

We must learn to appreciate what we have. For example, we must appreciate our mother for the tasty food she made for all of us. We must appreciate our colleagues for being there and helping us with something.

We must appreciate anything good in someone’s presence. Appreciation creates positive vibes. Appreciation is a celebration of everything you have at present.

It leads to gratitude. I have already been convinced to have gratitude as a part of my lifestyle.

“In all affairs, it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.”

Bertrand Russel

In general, things we take for granted which we think will last long. We believe they are permanent, and that is why we become dependable and steady in their presence. But if it stopped, we become unhappy, and it hurts us.

Appreciating them at the right time can reduce that hurt and make us aware of the presence of those things and people around us who make our life beautiful, who make situations regular. Appreciating makes us see the value in everything, and it will lead us to not take anything for granted.

So, let’s not take anything for granted and appreciate what we have at the right moment to create positive vibes around us and make life around us even happier.

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