Monday, July 15, 2024

Learn the science behind everything you do!

“Yes, you have natural talent, but I think you should still learn and get a classical education to bring out the best from your talent. I Don’t think it will affect your creativity. I have seen many great people who have shaped their natural talent with the help of classical education behind that talent.” The judge of the reality show said.

I watched one reality show with my family, and one of the judges from the show said this to one contestant. That contestant had a natural talent for voice but had no classical background in music. Then the judge suggested that to him.

Her words reminded me of one of my discussions with my parents. In that discussion, my parents convinced me to take formal education for my interests. According to them, deontology is essential.

We must learn rules and regulations for the talent we have to understand and bring it out in the best possible ways for society.

We are getting many sources to learn what we want to know in today’s world. If you like drawing, you get online classes for the same. You get online courses, sometimes pre-recorded videos or tutorials if you want to play guitar. I have come across campaigns where people say formal education is not essential; skills do.

Some views also say that education kills creativity. It is true because formal education of anything gives a box view to a person’s thought process.

But then there’s another view of this perception. I realized the importance of that view from that judge’s comments and discussion with my parents.

I think learning the overall duties and responsibilities of our interests or our work is essential. This knowledge of our natural talent will undoubtedly help us in sustainable success.

When we learn the science behind our work, we may find how these rules or ethics of our work may fit the best for our talents. Once we discover that, we can start working on that and develop a unique style for our talent that can not easily be copied or taken away from us.

Suppose someone is a natural writer or poet, and he learns about grammar or figures of speeches of language and learns the science behind nature talent. In that case, the person starts communicating the same with natural language. He will create something for a society that will be easily understandable. This may not be the case for people who don’t have knowledge of grammar or figures of speech.

When we study more about our passion or talent, we get attached more to ourselves for creating that talent for the rest of the world. We love ourselves while accomplishing that task.

I believe that rules and regulations brought to us from education don’t always kill creativity, but it brings us closer to natural creation.

I believe learning the science of your work is very important. Everyone can get knowledge from here and there and work or earn, but if we understand the science of what we like, we can bring something unique to society from our work.

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